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  • May 2013 – Lecture Series on the revised theory course of Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya , by Dr. Smt Uma Anantani, Rajkot
  • September 2012 – ‘Learning the nuances of Bharatanatyam Kriti-s in Nrtta and Abhinaya’ with Vaibhav Arekar, Ahmedabad
  • September 2011 – ‘TRIVIDHA’ a 3-day performance/seminar/workshop with the support of Department of Sports, Youth and Cultural Activities. The resource people were Smt. Kumudini Lakhia, Padmabhushan Shri C.V.Chandrashekhar and Padmabhushan Dr. Smt. Kanak Rele
  • June 2009 – A performance oriented symposium on ‘Rasa’ with participation of Padmabhushan Smt Kumudini Lakhia, Dr Shri Sunil Kothari, Dr Shri Mahesh Champaklal and Shri Amit Thakkar; organized on the release of the book,’ Shastriyakala Ek Parampara’ with the support of ‘Lalit Kala Kendra’, Gujarat Vishwakosh, at Ahmedabad
  • October 2008 – Lecture Demonstration on Astanayika at the Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Annual Meet, Surat
  • March 2008 – ‘Choreography and Body Kinetics’ with Gujarat State Sangeet Natak Akademi under the expertise of Shri Navtej Singh Johar (New Delhi), Smt. Rema Shrikant (Vadodara), Shri Vaibhav Arekar (Mumbai)
  • October 2006 – ‘Theory of Rasa’ at Nrityagram, Bangalore
  • February 2003 – ‘Traditions in Flux’, a multifaceted workshop seminar in performing and fine arts at Ahmedabad, supported by the Sangeet Natak Akademi, Government of Gujarat
  • November 2001 – ‘Grammar of Abhinaya in Language of Dance with special reference to Abhinayadarpanam’, culminating in a group production
  • July 2000 – Launched a 5-semester, weekend capacity building programme for teachers and senior students of Bharatanatyam of Gujarat
  • Enhancement of Nritta and Abhinaya techniques for the senior performers since 1992 till date


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