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  • December 2016 – Presented the much acclaimed ‘Panchali – from Fire to Fire’ at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
  • January 2013 – Uttarardh Dance Festival at Modhera Sun Temple
  • October 2010 – ‘Daridra Charudattam’ dance drama based on Bhasa’s play on the occasion of ‘Bhasa Mahotsava’ jointly organized by National Sanskrit Universities and HRD Delhi, Somnath Temple
  • October 2007 – ‘Vishvodhbhavam’ based on Vedic Hymns (Purushasukta) and Saundaryalahiri of Adi Shankar, Ahmedabad
  • June 2006 – Dance ballet ‘Savitri’ based on Sri Maharashi Aurobindo’s epical poem, Ahmedabad. Also performed at Pondicherry in February 2007, Baroda in May 2011 and in Ahmedabad in April 2012
  • 2003 – Presented Four major productions Shodashopchara, Rasarajakrishna, Astanayika-s in the bhakti songs of Narsimh Mehta and Shri Balamurli Krishna’s Tillana for recording at the Doordarshan Kendra, Ahmedabad
  • November 2001 – Abhinayadarpanam in Practice, Ahmedabad
  • October 2001 – An Ode to Peace!  Hutheesing Visual Arts Centre, Ahmedabad
  • June 2001 – Shodshopachara, under HCL Concert Series at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
  • November 2000 – Shodshopachara, the 16 Temple Rituals as a part of 10th anniversary celebrations of the institution, Ahmedabad
  • Cultural Presentations at International Conferences, organized by Gujarat Govt. and prestigious private institutions since 1994
  • July 1995 – Glimpses of Folk Dances of India – A Finale to a month of Workshop for rasadhwani students, Ahmedabad
  • February 1994 – Bhajanam Madhuram Devotional songs in different languages set to Bharatanatyam dance style, Ahmedabad and Baroda
  • February 1992 – Nartanmay Kavan Sandhya, a programme based on Gujarati poetry from medieval to contemporary period, Ahmedabad
  • The students have performed at prestigious national festivals like Nritya Pratibha, Central Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi; Pallavotsavam, Mysore; Natyanjali Festival, Chidambaram to name a few.


Rasadhwani Abroad

  • April, June 2013 – Bharatanatyam demonstrations at Centre Culturel Indien Tagore and Centre Socio-cultural, Saint Giniez, Marseille, France
  • August 2012 – Represented India at the 49th International Troia-Canakkale Folk Dance Festival, Turkey
  • April 2010 ‘Mudra  Telling Tales through Indian Art and Dance’, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, USA
  • June 2006 – Performed under the Government of Gujarat sponsorship programme at Muscat, Oman


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